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The Mold Lawyers win Injunction Against Condo Association

On November 29, 2018, the Mold Lawyers from Militzok & Associates won the entry of a temporary injunction against the Jamaica House Condominium Association in the 17th Judicial Circuit of Broward County, Florida after the Association repeatedly refused to perform destructive testing at the request of our client, the unit owner.  The unit owner alleged that water was intruding from the outer perimeter of his condominium unit and had requested the association investigate the source of the water.  After the Association refused to open up the necessary areas of drywall and ceiling which are considered to be part of the common elements belonging to the Condo Association, the unit owner was forced to bring suit and move for a temporary [...]

Bed Bug Infestation Lawsuit Against Landlord Results in a $ 94,000 Legal Settlement

After a landlord of a multi-dwelling apartment building failed to timely accept responsibility for addressing a known bed bug problem in the building, the Mold Lawyers brought suit on behalf of one of the tenants who was exposed to the flesh biting bed bugs.  The tenant repeatedly complained to the building's property manager who initially declined to treat the bed bugs even though such treatment was the landlord's legal responsibility under the lease.  Our client was bitten on a nightly basis while she slept in her own bed.  The bed bug bites that she suffered resulted in permanent scarring of her skin.  After early attempts to resolve this matter with the Landlord's insurance company resulted in only a nominal [...]

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